Reviving this WordPress blog to make something fruitful out of it

Have I continued to post entries into this blog, it would have been one of the oldest blogs in the history of blogging. You see, this blog was created back in 2005. So, it’s practically 8 years old by now.

How time flies when you’re having fun blogging, right?

Anyway, since I’ve got nothing better to do, I thought of reviving this blog and see where it would lead to.

What’s this blog going to be from now on? Well, still a library-centric blog. But like what the tagline says most of the entries will be links to interesting stuff around the Internet.

Hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

Advertisements Development

Whoa! Pretty neat development here at The blog stat in the dashboard is very useful. And the graphical representation is pretty cool. Its been quite awhile since I visited my dashboard here. The blog navigation at the top right corner of the screen is very very useful too. Makes really a blog network of some sort.

I’m still hoping to have the ability to fully customize my template. I hope the WP guys enable it sometime in the future.

Reading Wish List

Librarians are supposed to be avid readers. Being the knowledge master that they are, where else can librarians find the knowledge but in books and other reading materials, be it printed or non-printed. As the old library adage says, “so many books, so little time”. Continue reading


Microsoft to Digitize British Library Books

In Library parlance, there are two primary sources of bibliographic information of published materials. If you can’t find the CIP (cataloging-in-publication) data of a published book from the Library of Congress Union Catalog, chances are you’d find it at the British Library. Continue reading


Part 1 of Google Print

Despite the opposition against its implementation, Google Print posted its “small taste” of what the internet community is about to find tomorrow as Google Print continues to embark on one of its biggest project to date.

For part one of this project, most of the books that were included have expired copyright date and are already in the international public domain. Most of these are 19th century American literature and history works.


Google Defends Its Google Print Project

Facing two lawsuits, the most recent of which against the American Association of Publishers, Google defends its milestone project at Google Blog by posting the reasons why they believe in the said project.

In an article at the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 18, 2005) , Google CEO Eric Schmidt, wrote about the Point of Google Print.




Google Librarian Center

Google is coming out with a quarterly newsletter specially for librarians. Actually it’s a Google group which aims to help librarians (like me) know anything they want to know about Google.