Monthly Archives: September 2005

I’m Honored!

Ok. I finally got my golden WordPress ticket. What now? Having used two WordPress MU enabled free site, Blogsome and Edublogs, I guess I could say the features are pretty much the same. But then, this is man, so it pretty adds a little esteem to a blog.

Lohrelle sums up what every privilege blogger can do with this “god-given” account here in and I couldn’t agree more. While for Blogger users, this is an interesting comparison between and Blogger.

Now, since I have been using blogsome for quiet some time now I could say that feature wise, is pretty much the same as that of blogsome’s WPMU. Except for one difference which I hope will be addressed soon, and that is the ability to tweak or customize one’s template. If this issue is answered, I bet in due time, would be on its way to becoming the leading WordPress blog host.