Monthly Archives: November 2005

Reading Wish List

Librarians are supposed to be avid readers. Being the knowledge master that they are, where else can librarians find the knowledge but in books and other reading materials, be it printed or non-printed. As the old library adage says, “so many books, so little time”. Continue reading


Microsoft to Digitize British Library Books

In Library parlance, there are two primary sources of bibliographic information of published materials. If you can’t find the CIP (cataloging-in-publication) data of a published book from the Library of Congress Union Catalog, chances are you’d find it at the British Library. Continue reading

Part 1 of Google Print

Despite the opposition against its implementation, Google Print posted its “small taste” of what the internet community is about to find tomorrow as Google Print continues to embark on one of its biggest project to date.

For part one of this project, most of the books that were included have expired copyright date and are already in the international public domain. Most of these are 19th century American literature and history works.