Reading Wish List

Librarians are supposed to be avid readers. Being the knowledge master that they are, where else can librarians find the knowledge but in books and other reading materials, be it printed or non-printed. As the old library adage says, “so many books, so little time”.

Indeed there are a vast of information wealth one can find almost anywhere. And money to purchase most of those is no longer an issue. This wealth has enabled continuing learning an ease to anyone seeking knowledge and professional advancement. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time or the discipline to allot time for reading, be it for professional or leisure purpose. But in my case, the lack of time and discipline for both reading purposes applies. And I could only wish for time and discipline to finish reading and learning about the following stuff relating to the field of library and information science:

  • Library 2.0 ( re: wikis, blogs, rss aggregators, social bookmarking)
  • Open Source Applications (as it applies to libraries)
  • Metadata (applications in libraries)
  • Digital issues in libraries

Now, If only a genie could grant my wish?


One thought on “Reading Wish List

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