Invites galore

I’ve got a couple of invite up for grabs. Just leave a comment and tell me what do you need it for. Sorry, that’s the way it goes based on what others have done.



5 Days Training on OHSAS 18001

It seems like  I won’t be updating this blog for this week. I am currently attending a training on OHSAS 18001 for being one of our company’s internal auditors. OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001 is part of our company’s contribution to making our organization socially responsible. It has been quite awhile since I attended a training this long. Today is our first day and I can’t believe I managed to survive the exercises, the discussions and the lectures during the training. I hope I can make it until Friday, when we will have an examination in order to be certified as Lead Auditor for OHSAS 18001.

I’m Honored!

Ok. I finally got my golden WordPress ticket. What now? Having used two WordPress MU enabled free site, Blogsome and Edublogs, I guess I could say the features are pretty much the same. But then, this is man, so it pretty adds a little esteem to a blog.

Lohrelle sums up what every privilege blogger can do with this “god-given” account here in and I couldn’t agree more. While for Blogger users, this is an interesting comparison between and Blogger.

Now, since I have been using blogsome for quiet some time now I could say that feature wise, is pretty much the same as that of blogsome’s WPMU. Except for one difference which I hope will be addressed soon, and that is the ability to tweak or customize one’s template. If this issue is answered, I bet in due time, would be on its way to becoming the leading WordPress blog host.